Capoeira in the Schools

Since 1998, CBLA teachers have taught in countless after school programs, in physical education classes and participated in many youth arts and fitness events.   In addition the group has a performance team that travels to schools throughout L.A with an interactive cultural presentation.  For more information on bringing Capoeira Brasil to your school, contact us at


In 2012, CBLA Formandos Pavão & Chegado began a comprehensive Capoeira program for middle and high school students in Northeast L.A.  Because Capoeira class is where arts and physical education meet, this unique program provides a detailed curriculum that covers Capoeira movement, music, history and culture.  Today, the program has expanded to various schools in Northeast Los Angeles, over 1000 youth benefit from this comprehensive Capoeira curriculum.


CBLA offers training scholarships to economically under-resourced youth that demonstrate discipline, dedication, and desire to learn the art of Capoeira.  Program participants undergo an application process and must submit two letters of recommendation.  Parents and youth must also sign a strict participation contract.