Our Home

Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles (CBLA) is the North American headquarters of Capoeira Brasil, an international cultural organization.  CBLA came into existence in 1998 when renowned capoeirista, Mestre Boneco, moved from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Los Angeles and established the school.  In 2002, Mestre Boneco and CBLA went on to found its non-profit, Benção Brasil (‘blessed Brazil’).

Under Mestre Boneco’s guidance, CBLA grew into a close-knit, friendly, and diverse group that trains hard and plays the game of Capoeira with power and grace.  Our space is where martial arts, fitness and culture meets!  

Teaching Capoeira is our focus however, CBLA also hosts festivals, youth events, art exhibits, special workshops, free community programming and parties.  Outside of the headquarters, the organization also runs satellite classes, teaching residencies, and performs at public and private events.  CBLA is a large and diverse artist/athlete community whose work is well known throughout Southern California.  

Today the school is lead by Professors Chegado and Pavão and a team of dedicated teachers and staff who continue the work that Mestre Boneco developed.  

In addition to the CBLA Mid-City headquarters, Professors Chegado and Pavão also run a large adult and youth Capoeira program at their location in Northeast Los Angeles (Eagle Rock).  This location is known as CBLA East, for more information on classes in Northeast LA go to www.capoeirabrasileast.com.

Please take a look at the images and video below to familiarize yourself with our space.  For space rental information contact us at info@capoeirabrasil.com