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FREE COMMUNITY Capoeira Program at CBLA West

This class will meet every Monday 5-6 pm and is open to anyone 7 and above!

CBLA RODAS - New Location Information

The FIRST FRIDAY of every month the CBLA Roda will be at CBLA East 2131 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041

ALL OTHER RODAS will be at CBLA West 5557 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

Capoeira TV

The website has launched for the Capoeira television series that stars our very own Mestre Boneco. Click on www.capoeiratv.com.br to see video clips, photos and information about the series.

Spread the Word

CBLA Family,
We have something special going on at our academy and we want to let everyone know about it. If you are enjoying training with us, please help spread the word in the community. Visit our listing on Yelp here and add a review about our academy. Your positive feedback will help us continue to grow and strengthen our amazing program.

Pe Passou - Bamba Na Capoeira

O pé passou e o muleque não viu
O pé passou e o muleque não viu
Isso aqui é capoeira é Capoeira Brasil
Isso aqui é capoeira é Capoeira Brasil