Capoeira Brasil is an internationally recognized and celebrated capoeira group that was found 25 years ago by Mestre's Boneco, Paulinho Sabia and Paulao Ceara.   Originating in the Brasil, these masters of the art spread out across the globe to disseminate the rich culture that only capoeira can bring.  We are a branch of Mestre Boneco's arm in the group and we represent the Los Angeles location of our group.     As a martial art it's, arguably the most beautiful.  As an performance art form, it's the many levels of it's intricacy is unparalleled.  And on the whole the community aspect that you find in the world of capoeira is something that benefits the entire family.  Come take this journey with us.  The reward is literally an experience of a lifetime.   

5557 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016