Instrutora Formiguinha has been living, loving, and training capoeira since 1998. It's been a major life changer and driving force for her, helping her build confidence and believe in herself.

Formiguinha is a Portuguese word that means "Little Ant." Although little, Formiguinha is a hard worker and can carry as much as 50 times times her own weight!

Through capoeira she has traveled in Brazil, learned to speak Portuguese, and made lifelong friends. Teaching capoeira inspired her to seek higher education in the physical arts, and she is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and runs a private practice called Golden Light Wellness in West LA.

Her speciality is manual and exercise-based orthopedic therapy, helping people recover from injury and achieve their goals.  She has a strong belief in holistic health and uses yoga therapy and essential oils in her practice.  Capoeira is her family, including every student, every teacher, every Mestre. 




Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles - Mestre Boneco

5557 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016